Service agreement blablamoney


1. General information

1.1. This Agreement establishes the mechanism for making payments for currency exchange, which is established by the BlaBlaMoney system. 

1.2. The BlaBlaMoney online exchanger is a specific Internet resource that helps to carry out payments for the exchange of funds. 

 1.3. A subscriber of this BlaBlaMoney service can be any company, as well as an individual who wants to use BlaBlaMoney services. 

1.4. Further, according to the text of the agreement, the Subscriber and the BlaBlaMoney service will be referred to as the "Parties".  

1.5. The parties expressed their intention to recognize this electronic document as being official and legal, as well as the one that is concluded in the form of a paper document and establishes legal relations between the Subscriber and BlaBlaMoney regarding the performance of services by the latter.   

1.6. If the Subscriber agrees with the terms of this Agreement, which is an official public document, he assumes the fulfillment of all obligations for its implementation by filling out an application via the Internet for the provision of a certain service to BlaBlaMoney. 

2. The subject of the Agreement is

2.1. The provision of BlaBlaMoney services of a certain nature, the list of which is given in clause 4 of this document, is carried out on condition that the Subscriber complies with a number of relevant rules listed in clause 9. The regulations of these rules are established by the internal administrative document of BlaBlaMoney and are given in clause 5 of the said Agreement.    

2.2. Upon completion of the provision of BlaBlaMoney services and the signing of the relevant Act, the Subscriber pays the appropriate amount based on the requirements of the specified Agreement.

3. Obligations of the Parties and their rights

3.1. Online BlaBlaMoney undertakes: 3.1.1. Based on the terms of this Agreement, transfer certain funds using official electronic payment systems. The list of payment systems is indicated on the website;  

3.1.2. When the Subscriber performs a currency exchange operation, provide him with support in the form of information consultation and technical support; 

3.1.3. Ensure the secrecy of the Subscriber"s personal data, as well as all information about the operation, including the time of the exchange payment, its date and amount, and, if necessary, inform the Subscriber at his first request. The above information on exchange operations is purely personal and does not have the right of access to third-party entities, with the exception of the services specified in the Privacy Policy;  

3.1.4. Use information about the discounts received by the Subscriber; 

3.1.5. If an application has been received from the Subscriber with a well-founded complaint about the performance of the service, reimburse him the appropriate amount by transferring to the specified current account no later than 24 hours, with reference to the conditions specified in this Agreement in clauses 3.2.5, 5.4, 5.6. 3.2. Obligations of the Subscriber:  

3.2.1. Provide your personal data and indicate the relevant information about your current account, where funds will be transferred; 

3.2.2. Inform about your valid email; 

3.2.3. Establish sending and receiving electronic information and notifications of the BlaBlaMoney administration to your email. To regulate the uninterrupted operation of computer equipment and other gadgets that have access to the Internet, as well as to provide protection against possible viral damage to your equipment using updated versions of antivirus programs. These actions are required to work in a special protected mode; 

3.2.4. Use BlaBlaMoney services in accordance with the rules of the current Agreement; 

3.2.5. If facts have arisen about any violations when making money transfers to your current account or the current account of the specified principal, immediately inform the BlaBlaMoney support service about these facts. In the same way, inform about the facts listed in the current Agreement in clauses 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6. A notice of failure to meet the deadline for the transfer of funds must be sent to BlaBlaMoney within a month from the date of the delayed payment. If the notification of the delayed payment is not received by the BlaBlaMoney administration within the specified time frame, the amount of such payment will become the property of BlaBlaMoney; 

3.2.6. When making transfers of funds, be guided by the current legislation; 3.2.7. Do not use various mechanisms to wind up web traffic. 3.3. The BlaBlaMoney online service has the right to: 


3.3.1. In the event of technical and routine maintenance, temporarily stop the execution of funds transfer operations; 

3.3.2. If unauthorized actions have arisen on the part of unauthorized persons and a corresponding request has been received from the administration of partner payment systems and there is an application with a complaint from the Subscriber, stop the operation until the reason for the violation is fully clarified; 

3.3.3. Establish your own system of discounts; 

3.3.4. Appoint a commission for the provision of their services; 

3.3.5. Refuse to perform the service without explaining the reason for such a decision; 

3.3.6. In the event of any error in the exchange of funds, require the Subscriber to provide appropriate explanations using all available means of electronic communication; 

3.3.7. If the Subscriber violates the rules of business communication, including using obscene language, refuses to report the necessary data to the BlaBlaMoney administration, block him and completely stop further interaction; 

3.3.8. Stop the provision of the exchange payments service with reference to the internal regulations and the relevant clauses 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 of the current Agreement;  

3.3.9. If it is impossible to establish the identity of the Subscriber, stop the operation and block the refund until it is identified; 3.3.10. If the Subscriber violates the requirements of clause 3.2.7 of the current Agreement and does not fulfill his obligations, block all sources of interaction with this Subscriber; 

3.3.11. If it turns out that there is an illegal way of making money on the part of the Subscriber, subject to the use of BlaBlaMoney or in other partner payment systems, stop the exchange actions and do not return the illegal amounts until the relevant reasons are clarified.

4. Provision of services to BlaBlaMoney

4.1. The execution of services by the BlaBlaMoney service for exchange operations is carried out with full simultaneous interaction with service payment partners and bank institutions in accordance with the concluded agreements;  

4.2. The BlaBlaMoney administration does not check the Subscriber for the legitimate origin of the funds used for exchange.

5. Regulation of the exchange operation

5.1. After receipt of the required amount from the Subscriber, the exchange operation begins its action. If an application for an exchange is received from the Subscriber and after 20 minutes the money has not been received from him, the BlaBlaMoney administration has the right to suspend the transfer. Subsequently, when funds are received from the Subscriber, the operation is resumed, while the transfer is carried out at the rate that is valid at the time the funds are received. For the exchange of crypto-currency, the execution time of the application may exceed 1-1.5 hours.

5.2. The completion of the currency exchange operation is considered to be the receipt by the Subscriber of the money transfer to his account in full.

5.3. If the action of the operation has begun, the Subscriber cannot stop it.

5.4. If it turns out that the amount for the exchange is not enough to complete the operation and it differs from the amount filled in the application, the operation is suspended by the BlaBlaMoney service, or recalculated according to the funds received. In case of blocking the operation, the Subscriber must submit a request in accordance with clause 3.2.5 of the current Agreement, on the basis of which the exchange action will be resumed. At the same time, the exchange rate remains at the level that was in effect initially. Please note that the amount may differ, but should not be less than the minimum exchange amount. If the Subscriber transferred funds less than the minimum indicated on the site, the funds will be lost.

5.5. If during the exchange operation it turns out that the Subscriber incorrectly indicated his account number or it is blocked, the exchange operation stops. Also, if it is impossible to change the details, the money is returned to the Client.

5.6. If the Subscriber makes adjustments to the standard note to the payment transfer, or the money is not transferred from his account, the BlaBlaMoney administration blocks this transaction. After receipt from the Subscriber of the relevant request, executed in accordance with clause 3.2.5, the funds are returned to him.

5.7. If the Subscriber needs to make a cryptocurrency transfer, then such an operation is performed taking into account the terms of the Bitcoin network. The duration of this transaction can be up to three days, taking into account the load of the Bitcoin protocol. At the same time, BlaBlaMoney cannot influence the timing of the transfer of cryptocurrency and, therefore, is not responsible for the timing of this operation.

5.8. The exchange service has the right to change the conditions for the referral program at any time. The exchange service does not charge referral rewards, and also does not register a referral, provided that both the inviter and the referral are located at the same ip address. Also, in order to withdraw the referral reward, you must invite at least five referrals, and each of them must make at least one exchange. Referral remuneration is not charged in cases where the application is negative for the service, i.e. will have no income from it.

5.9. The exchange site will suspend and block the application, which contains a high-risk bitcoin wallet, as well as a wallet of prohibited sites. Funds will be blocked for a long time and may not be returned.

5.10 In any case, when a refund is made, a commission of 5% is withheld, except for clause 10.7.

6. Guarantees and about tvetstvennost Parties

6.1. If the Subscriber made an application with erroneous data or violated the rules for using the BlaBlaMoney system, as well as other errors when transferring funds, BlaBlaMoney disclaims all responsibility for such actions of the Subscriber. In this case, the amount is not refundable and the transfer action is not canceled if it turns out that the Subscriber has indicated incorrect bank details. 

6.2. BlaBlaMoney disclaims responsibility for material damage caused by the Subscriber, including damaged equipment, if the equipment is out of order as a result of such actions. 

6.3. BlaBlaMoney disclaims responsibility in case of incorrect actions or delays in the transfer of funds, which occurred through the fault of partners of payment systems or banks.   

6.4. BlaBlaMoney disclaims responsibility if the Subscriber incurs costs and losses due to his misunderstanding regarding tariffs and pricing policy for the provision of funds transfer services. 

6.5. BlaBlaMoney disclaims responsibility for losses incurred as a result of the Subscriber making various mistakes, including the timing of payments as a result of such errors. 

6.6. The subscriber assumes responsibility for the legitimate origin of the funds provided for the exchange actions.  

6.7 The Subscriber guarantees that at the time of interaction with the BlaBlaMoney service he has reached the age of majority, in accordance with the legislation of the country where the Subscriber is located.

6.8. In the event that any costs arise when making transfers using the BlaBlaMoney system, the Subscriber undertakes to reimburse them. 

7. Additional information

7.1. If necessary, BlaBlaMoney can amend the terms of the current Agreement and its other provisions. The updated version of the Agreement is valid after it is posted on the service.  

8. Circumstances beyond the control of the Parties

8.1. Due to the occurrence of force majeure actions (force majeure), the Parties relinquish the fulfillment of the terms of the current Agreement in full. Emergencies include: riots, floods and fires, the introduction of a state of emergency, natural disasters, wars, and other factors beyond the control of the Parties. Factors beyond the control of the Parties also include power outages, lack of communication with the Internet system, etc. 

9. Terms of byazatelnye for exchanges

9.1. It is forbidden to carry out illegal currency exchange operations using the BlaBlaMoney system. In case of violation of this requirement and the use of the BlaBlaMoney system in order to carry out illegal actions, the Subscriber is warned about the application of legislative measures to him in accordance with the law of this country.    

9.2. Upon receipt of relevant requests from payment systems, financial institutions and banks, law enforcement organizations, as well as other affected persons, the BlaBlaMoney administration sends the necessary data on the fact of the violation, if the illegality of such violations is fully proven. 

9.3. The provision of the service is considered completed after the Subscriber receives the funds to his current account in full, while the Subscriber assumes full responsibility for their origin, since the BlaBlaMoney system does not check the legitimate source involved in electronic money exchange operations. 

9.4. In case of actions to exchange funds by persons acting on behalf of the Subscriber, BlaBlaMoney disclaims responsibility for the results of such operations.  

9.5. Having confirmed his agreement with the terms of work in the BlaBlaMoney system, the Subscriber assumes full responsibility for the obligations of the current Agreement.

10. Verification of the Subscriber on the BlaBlaMoney service

10.1. The Subscriber"s readiness to undergo verification at the first request of the BlaBlaMoney- service is an integral part of this Agreement.

10.2. In the process of identification, the service can request any personal data of the Subscriber, in any format and in any volume that the service considers necessary.

10.3. The service will collect, use and transfer information about the Subscriber in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

10.4. By passing the identification, the Subscriber agrees to the Service to conduct any research in relation to the Subscriber, which the Service considers necessary. The Service may engage a third party for this research at its discretion.

10.5. The Internet addresses of the wallets of the transactions carried out on the Service undergo automatic AML verification. The Service may request the Subscriber"s verification procedure if the Internet address of the Subscriber"s wallet specified in the application has a connection with the following concepts: 

Illegal Service;

Darknet Marketplace;

Darknet Service;

Fraudulent Exchange;

Mixing Service;


Stolen Coins;


10.6. In the event that a connection is revealed, then only after the Subscriber has passed the verification procedure, the funds will be returned to the sender"s address (minus the commission spent on the refund).

10.7. In the event that a connection is detected, then only after the verification procedure is completed by the Subscriber, the funds will be returned to the sender"s details (minus a commission of 10%).