Kazakhstan leads the world in cryptocurrency mining. In May, the parliament adopted new amendments to the tax rules in the first hearing. They are aimed at regulating the load on the production of crypto assets. They involve new tax calculations taking into account the cost of electricity.

SWIFT announced that it will be conducting a number of new experiments. They will be associated with cross-border payments using Central Bank cryptocurrencies. The directorate of this service, in collaboration with the information technology company Capgemini, is developing the integration of various networks. Therefore, it helps to implement new steps towards the formation of an improved version of cross-border payments using crypto-coins.

Legal entities in Uzbekistan got the opportunity to implement mining, subject to the use of green energy. So they will be able to conduct trading operations with assets on the basis of the relevant law.

A. Lukashenko recommends not leaving the state and mining cryptocurrency. He said this during a meeting with workers at the state enterprise Belaruskali.

Amendments containing additional bans on the use of cryptocurrency on Russian territory are currently being considered by the regulator. As a result, the constraints will become clearer and more defined. In order to enforce the prohibitions, administrative and criminal liability is introduced if the law is violated.

The planned activities related to the development of mechanisms for blocking banking operations on the accounts of cryptocurrency exchanges and exchange sites aroused great interest from the public.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation plans to form a mechanism that will effectively block transactions related to cryptocurrencies. Credit institutions will join the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

According to the recommendations of the Central Bank, banks should block cards interconnected with cryptocurrency exchangers. For whom are the new rules and how to protect yourself from problems with cryptocurrency transactions?

Due to the new rules set by the local financial regulator, trading platforms will cease to function.