BlaBlaMoney | Cryptocurrency exchange service privacy policy

Blablamoney Service Privacy Policy

1. What individual information about the user can we use?

During registration on our website, the user is invited to make information about himself, including the email address, the number of bank card with its validity period and other information necessary for the use of services provided by the service.

These user data do not disappear, and persist on our website after their introduction.
 2. What information about the user can be applied?

Individual data made when registering or creating an application can be used by the site employees in order to carry out the action of the relevant service profile.

3. Who has the opportunity to take advantage of your personal information?

The information that remains on our website after making them the client during registration is not disclosed. Customers must be confident that their personal information will not be transferred to other persons. The exception can only be the requirements of the relevant authorities provided for by law (in connection with the court decree, the reorganization of the company and the emergence of the new owner, etc.).

4. Are our company use cookies?

4.1 What are cookies?

When moving on sites on the Internet, the user"s actions are recorded in special cookies, followed by saving it on the computer. In memory, any information that the user entered on the site is recorded, so that when you re-visited, it can immediately start working, without entering its data again. Such a cookie allows you to analyze user activity, making focus on their preferences. Thanks to this, we can customize the work of our sites and their applications according to your users" interests.

4.2 How time does cookies are saved on a computer?

The information saved in cookies is used by search engines. Based on the type of text file, this information is saved on the computer. They are stored no longer than a period that is necessary to complete a specific task. Once this period is completed, all information will be deleted.

4.3 Who can use information saved in cookies?

The Service has the right to use data collection systems and analytics systems of third parties (third parties) on the website in order to improve the services provided and the quality of the website. The data collected by such systems is used by them in accordance with their regulations.

When primary visits to the portal, the user will automatically be asked to use the cookie. In the case when the user gave a positive answer, and then decided to change its solution, it can remove these files from the browser, going to the settings. But, upon subsequent input, the portal will re-receive a consent message to use cookies. Do not respond to this message will not work, because because of this, any options for the user may not be active and the interaction with the site can be impaired.

Search engines use pixel tags to read saved text files on the user"s computer.

5. Security.

Site workers have developed a general concept for the safety of personal information of their customers. It helped to significantly reduce the likelihood of exposure by opposing user-disclosing user information. However, since scammers currently use new technologies for unlawped entry into accounts, then a complete guarantee that the client data is reliably protected, not available. In this regard, the client at the slightest doubt that the entrance to the account was fulfilled without his participation, should be able to communicate with the employees of the technical support department.